The first manually mined smart contract.

The airdrop is now over. Check your submission here. Updates coming soon. Read the whitepaper here. Keep scrolling to learn what makes Timereum one of a kind.

The Idea

Manually mined tokens. It’s that simple.

Address Collection

Parent-child address pair collection is completed. Two Ethereum addresses were collected from users on online forums.


The system will go live soon.


Timereum is the first manually mined Ethereum smart contract token. Timereum is embedded in the Ethereum blockchain, and therefore all Ethereum addresses can also hold Timereum. Ethereum investors are increasing in number. However, managing different investments can be daunting for investors. They can use apps that will help investors to manage all their investments from their mobile devices. Read the Trading App Vergleich blog to learn more about these trading apps.

How it works

Using a parent-child address pair, coins can be generated in batches. Only ten batches are allowed per parent-child pair.

Long Term Incentives

Rewarding parent-child address owners who wait to deploy batches incentivizes interest in Timereum in the long term. Trading bots like bitcode prime 2023 also help traders identify and act on lucrative opportunities in the crypto market.


Find us on under the handle “Timereum”


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Fun Facts

89 Batches per address pair

2343409 Maximum coins per batch

1302 Theoretical maximum coins per address pair

52 Years until maximum batch reward